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Boost Your Marketing Response

Discover how to boost Your marketing response rates you can convert more customers. So much of the marketing being sold has little to no return. Many business owners become frustrated after spending money on ads only to see them not produce any meaningful return. That is why it is important that you learn how to increase your conversion rates, so you can maximize your returns an make more money.

The problem with most traditional marketing is that your ad is typically only seen once. Studies have shown that it takes multiple times before your add even registers with the brain. At Get More Business Fast, we have developed ninja strategies to make your marketing stick and convert like crazy.

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How to Get Quality Traffic to Your Website

Many people want to get as much traffic to their websites as possible. The problem with that, is that getting cold traffic doesn’t always convert. This holds true especially if your business is smaller or less known. Let’s face it people have gotten burned so many times that they are skeptical with new or unfamiliar companies that they would rather pay more money and know they are not going to get a headache.

For this very reason, it is better to invest your marketing dollars building a relationship with people before they purchase your product or service. One of the best ways to do that is have a way to bring people back to your website. Many times people leave a website and never come back to it. This is exactly why you need a method that brings visitors back to your website. Without, you may be pretty much throwing your marketing budget right out the window.

Fortunately, many of the new social media and other web platforms allow you to keep track of who’s coming to your website. When a visitor comes to your website, you can place a cookie on your visitors browser which enables you to display your ads on popular website and social media networks they may visit. This increases the frequency at which your visitors see your add and enable you to allocate your marketing dollars on people who are most likely to purchase your products or service instead of always trying to draw in new traffic in hopes of making a sale.

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How to Avoid SEO Scams

With the recent changes in Google’s algorithms, many so called SEO Experts are claiming that they can get you to the top of the search engines and may be using outdated techniques that will penalize your website rankings. So when you seek out to improve your rankings, you may actually end up hurting your rankings and pushing you further down the search engines. If you are not careful with what is being done to your website, you maybe paying for penalties with the major search engines.

Ideally, we would all like to be at the top of the Google. The truth is, is that over 91% of all clicks never go past page one. This leaves the overwhelming majority fighting for crumbs while those at the top are grabbing all of the low hanging fruit.

Recently, I have been studying with some of the top gurus in the Search Engine Optimization area. These are the big dogs that charge companies tens of thousands of dollars to improve their website rankings. This has given me an overwhelming insight as to what it takes to make website really rank and rank fast. If you would like to improve your search engine optimization rankings, please visit:

In my website analysis, you will discover 17 major factors that the search engines look at to determine which pages to rank and you will see exactly how your page ranks up and you will get a custom plan needed to help you improve your website rankings.

Boost Sales With These 7 Social Media Steps

When social media first hit the scene, I thought three things: this is a waste of time, I don’t have time for it and my customers are not here. I was wrong on all three counts. Social mediums are vital to your business. They all can grow your brand awareness and your profits.

Just three years ago I was oblivious to these tools. Today, my companies have more than 5 million views on YouTube, accumulated 300,000 Facebook followers and another 275,000 active followers on Twitter. Like you, I started with no followers and a very limited belief in these platforms.

Here are seven things we did that helped us build a presence and a following on the social media platforms:

1. Start. The most important thing to do is to start, and start fast. You don’t need to know anything to do this. Create an account and commit to posting content. That’s all! Nothing is going to happen without starting. Billions of people are using social media worldwide — proof that it’s not complicated.

2. Post often and keep posting. There is no such thing as posting too much content. There are some “experts” out there who discourage frequent posts. They think if you post too often people will quit following you, but in the beginning, you don’t have followers. The only way you are going to get attention is through frequency. Those who quit following you because you post too much aren’t your market and won’t buy from you anyway. If people aren’t complaining about how much you post you are not posting enough. In three years, I posted more than 1,200 videos on YouTube, the social medium I consider to be one of the most powerful. That’s almost 400 videos a year.

3. Be the celebrity expert in your space. Post content that makes you the expert in your space. Think in terms of providing information based on what you know and the service your business or products offers. Offer tips and insights such as how to, how not to, what to avoid, how to find the best, what makes it the best, how to fix it, repair it and what you must know. If you are a dry cleaner, post everything there is to know about dry cleaning, stain removal and fabrics.

4. Make planet Earth your target. Unlike traditional marketing, social media allows you to pitch the world. In the beginning, you want attention from anyone. I have followers in China and India that may never buy my books or sales training programs, but they may share my content with someone here in U.S. that can become a client. Understand from the start that anyone worldwide can see your content and be inspired to take some sort of action.

5. Create varying content. Use every form of content possible: videos, photos, quotes, articles and blogs and curating the content of others. Content sharing is the easiest and the one that may get you more followers faster. By sharing the content of a competitor or another expert and giving them credit, you will pick up followers from those that follow them.

6. 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your content should be information based, not promotional. In the beginning, you may even shift that to 95/5, where 95 percent is information. No one is going to come to you because you posted something promotional because no one is even following you. You have to get an audience that wants your content. As you grow followers, you can increase promotions.

7. Do not delegate. No matter how important your position or how busy your schedule, you must take ownership of your social media presence. I run three different companies and I still find time to post daily because I understand the power of these mediums. I am also supported by an entire marketing department of young social media-savvy people, but none of them knows more about my businesses than I do. They help create and push promotional content, but my voice is my own. You have to be authentic. Many brands miss this.

No matter who you are, how old you are or what you do, these mediums can be great for your brand and business, but first, you must get started and get a following.

Article written by: Grant Cardone
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How to Hijack Your Competitors Ad Budget

Placing ads has always been a mystery for most business owners. Trying to determine the right ad copy and where to place the ad has always been an expensive game. When a company discovers the winning combination, they typically run that ad as long as they can to generate large returns their competitors only dream about. Not knowing where to place your ads or what to say can cost you a tremendous amount of money.

Many business owners have been reported going broke by betting on the wrong ad campaign. Not knowing where to place your ads is costly and can quickly put you out of business if you’re not careful. If only you can pick the brains of your competition and find out their winning combination, you would be able to beat them. Having access to this information is like having a corporate spy. But what if you had a crystal ball that allowed you to spy on your biggest competitor? What if that crystal ball could tell you exactly where to place your ad and what to say? How much greater profits would you be able to generate for your company? Wouldn’t you like to have that crystal ball?

Now business owners have the oportunity to spy on their competitors to find out exactly where they are placing their ads, and find the very ads they are using. Having access to this kind of information can literally transform a company’s bottom line over night. With the proprietary software that Brian and his team use, you can now have access to that information and literally outsmart your competitors without wasting money on testing which ads to run and where.

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How to Get Traffic From Google

There are primarily three ways to get traffic from Google. The first is your Google Places (or Google+ page). A Google Places pages is a free local business directory from Google that is available for all companies. Last year, Google acquired Zagat Survey and now they are incorporating reviews into their online directory to help consumers make better choices.

The second way to get traffic from Google is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is a systematic way of tweaking out your website so that Google and the other major search engines rank you faster. This is primarily from key search terms, building back links, having relevant information and a few other proprietary components of Google. If you are able to unlock their algorithms on your website, you will be able to generate free traffic around the clock to your website.
The third way of generating traffic from Google is through Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC allows you to compete for ad space of people who are looking for certain keywords. Advertisers pay a fee each time a user sees your ad and clicks on your link. PPC is one of the fastest strategies for generating targeted traffic who is looking for your product or service. There are several ways to use Google PPC for your local business to generate new customers. If you are not careful, you can burn through your ad budget quickly with little to no results.

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

With the recent surge in mobile phone usage around the world, there is now a need to make sure your websites are compatible with mobile devices. People who are using mobile phones are typically on the go and therefore, you must make it easier for them to navigate through your website and find pertinent information. It’s a fact that mobile users searches result in an immediate purchase many times. If your website is not compatible with mobile browsers, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity right now.

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Your Google Places Page

Watch the video below to discover how this quick strategy can increase your business overnight…


One of the fastest ways for a local business to get more business fast is by claiming their Google + page (formerly known as Google Places).